Your positive response to our camp has been both overwhelming and gratifying. For many years, the UNCG Summer Music Camp has ranked as the largest university sponsored music camp in America. Of primary importance to us, however, is maintaining a reputation for providing musical experiences of the highest possible quality within the financial reach of most families. We are very proud of the teaching and counseling staff at Summer Music Camp, so many of whom are from the UNCG School of Music. We believe that our conductors, teachers, performers, and counselors are representative of the very finest to be found anywhere. To demonstrate that belief, we include in the camp concert program a brief biographical sketch of each and every member of the UNCG Summer Music Camp Staff. As you will discover, every single person associated with our camp is a musician and music educator. Many of our 170 camp staff members hold advanced degrees in music and merit regional, national and international acclaim. The quality and dedication of our staff is the single greatest strength of the UNCG Summer Music Camp.


In our very first year, 1983, the UNCG Summer Music Camp attracted 350 students from across the state of North Carolina. That first year, our camp included two jazz ensembles, three concert bands and one orchestra.  In 1984, our size doubled to 710 students and the staff of 40 teachers and counselors were drawn from ten states. By 1986, our camp had grown to 1,170 students and a staff of 90 who had come from 17 states including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Texas, Tennessee, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, Illinois, Alabama, and New York.  Since 1986, we have added Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, New Hampshire, Minnesota, North Dakota, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, Idaho, Vermont, Oregon, Missouri, Iowa, Hawaii, Utah, New Mexico, and the nations of England, Canada, Turkey, Taiwan, Bermuda, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Albania, Austria, Peru, Venezuela, Russia, Rwanda, India, Mexico, Korea, South Korea,  Japan and China to an ever growing roster of participants.

We have successfully hosted about 60,000 students since 1983 at the UNCG Summer Music Camp. We take enormous pride in what we do and in the responsibility which comes with having so many students entrusted to us. As the founder and director of the UNCG Summer Music Camp, I assure you that in the previous 35 years, we have safely delivered each and every camper back to mom and dad at the end of the week.


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Week No. 1:  July 8-13, 2018
Week No. 2:  July 15-20, 2018