troopmvtCamp students, except day campers, will be housed in air conditioned UNCG residence halls and will eat all meals in the nearby University Dining Hall. Campers must bring their own sheets, towels, and pillow from home. Camp students will be housed on a two per room basis. You may wish to find a roommate who is also attending camp. Housing for Friday night, at the end of camp, is not provided.

Meals begin with dinner on Sunday and end with dinner on Friday – 16 meals in all. All meals will be served in a gigantic “food court” with an enormous selection to handle every possible taste.  There is something for everyone and it is impossible to go hungry.  And, handling special dietary needs is no problem at all.

While staying in the UNCG residence halls, all music camp students will be under the careful supervision of the Music Camp Staff. More than 75 counselors will be living with the campers each week and will closely monitor all aspects of camp life.

EMAIL received on July 24, 2009 from Camp Parents

I just wanted to say thanks for putting together a fantastic music camp! My tuba playing son attended last week for the second year and I think it will continue to be an annual camp to include in our schedule. We are very impressed by the quality of the Friday performances and it is obvious that you seek out the best musical instructors who know how to relate to adolescents. We have had our 2 sons in 3 or 4 camps a summer for the last 10 years (one is 18), and I can honestly say that yours in the most organized of any we have experienced. Please know that all of your efforts in planning the music camps is very much appreciated, and will positively affect these young musicians forever. (from Parents of Week 1 music camp student)



In the event of an illness or injury to a student at camp, the staff will escort that student to the Summer Music Camp Registered Nurse for prompt, professional medical care. We employ three or four Registered Nurses during the two one-week camp sessions and they are stationed in one of the dorms from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm each day.

Each camp student completes a Medical History & Permission for Treatment Form, signed by a parent, and that information resides with the nurse’s office. A copy of the Medical History & Permission for Treatment Form may be found on the camp web site. If a student is ill or would be injured, they report to any of the 140 employees of the camp and then a staff is dispatched to transport that student to see the nurse. Any injury, no matter how slight, will be reported to the parent at once. In the unlikely event that the camp nurse believes that a camp student would need to see a physician or visit a hospital, immediate transportation and a camp staff escort would be provided. The Camp Medical History & Permission for Treatment Form is brought by the staff escort and given to the physician. Costs resulting from a doctor visit, prescription medications, x-rays, lab work or hospital treatment are the responsibility of the parent. When a student is transported to see a physician or taken to the hospital, the parents are immediately contacted, informed and kept informed by the camp administration.


To balance the musical and educational experiences of Summer Music Camp, there is a brief opportunity each afternoon for free time. Camp students will have time to relax, visit the game room or bookstore, or have a snack. Other popular activities at camp include two evening movies on campus and a party on the last night. Activities are under the careful guidance of the Music Camp Staff as the well-being of each camper is our foremost concern.


Each band and orchestra student will be expected to furnish his or her own instrument and bring a folding metal music stand. A limited number of musical instruments such as string basses, concert percussion equipment, and pianos will be available from the School of Music.


For a variety of reasons, in the past, we have asked campers not to bring cell phones to camp. We still believe that there is no need at all for a student to bring a cell phone to camp and that there is some risk of it being lost or stolen.

This year, for the first time, we changed our policy and we no longer forbid cell phones at music camp. However, we do have specific rules for camper cell phones and on Sunday evening at the 6:30 p.m. meeting of all camp students, our cell phone policy will be explained in detail.

At the first meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. students with cell phones will be asked to turn their phone off. They will be asked to leave their cell phone in their dorm room for the remainder of camp. Camp students will be able to use their cell phone during free time and when they are in the dorm. Camp students will be warned that answering a call, making a call or texting during a music rehearsal or class or evening activity will result in the cell phone being taken away and stored in the camp office until the end of the week.

A special note to parents. Please do not call the Music Camp Office to tell us that “My child is not answering his or her cell phone! Something must be wrong!” On Sunday evening, for example, even after returning to the dorm, all students have a floor meeting with their counselors at about 9:30 p.m. This is an orientation meeting for the dorm and the cell phones will need to be turned off during that time.

Please remember this: not hearing from your child is very good thing. It means everything is all right. Should there be a problem, you will likely hear from us first.

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